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Cryptotux is born out of two unrelated-related stories.

On the one hand, you had Alexandre Kurth organising workshops with Asseth (French Ethereum Association). As he was the only technically knowledgeable person of this bunch of ETH pumpers, he designed and created AssethBox, a Linux image for workshops.

On the other hand, as Xavier Lavayssière was giving a shitload of workshops and trainings, he realised that installing development environments was not only a lost of time for students, but also annoying for him. Also, apparently, some people willing to learn decentralised open source networks programming are still using Windows.

As they are both too lazy to continue on their own, they decided to join forces in creating Cryptotux, the linux distribution for crypto and blockchain education and development.

If you want to get involved:
- Join our telegram, we have gifs
- Raise an issue on some improvement you would like to see. Expect an empty debate
- Propose a Pull Request. We will likely merge it in order to make the project look dynamic

Next steps are build automation, secure funding and moon landing

Feel free to contact us :

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